bright [ braıt ] adjective ***
▸ 1 with strong color
▸ 2 full of light
▸ 3 intelligent
▸ 4 lively
▸ 5 likely to succeed
1. ) usually before noun bright colors are strong but not dark:
She was wearing a bright red scarf.
His eyes are bright blue.
They have used warm bright colors all through the house.
2. ) full of strong shining light:
It was a bright sunny day.
I could see a bright light in the sky.
It's nice and bright in here (=there is a lot of light).
bright sunshine/sunlight: We stood blinking in the bright sunshine.
3. ) a bright person is intelligent and usually young and likely to do well at school or in their careers:
one of the brightest students in the class
She's bright enough to know that this is a very good offer.
a ) a bright idea a clever idea. This word is often used for showing that you think an idea is stupid:
Whose bright idea was that, then?
b ) a bright spark BRITISH INFORMAL someone who is intelligent or who has a clever idea
4. ) happy and lively: CHEERFUL:
She gave him a bright smile.
His eyes were bright and hopeful.
5. ) likely to be successful: PROMISING:
I'm sure there is a very bright future for you in this company.
The team's prospects don't look very bright.
bright and early
early in the morning:
We'll be up bright and early.
bright as a button
1. ) very intelligent
2. ) very happy and lively
the bright lights
a big city where you can have an exciting life and be successful:
At eighteen she left home for the bright lights of Vegas.
a bright spot
something that is good when everything else seems bad:
The one bright spot is that they have promised to re-examine the case.
look on the bright side
to think about the good parts of a situation that is mostly bad:
Looking on the bright side, at least they only stole your car. You could have been badly hurt if you'd tried to stop them.
╾ bright|ly adverb
╾ bright|ness noun uncount

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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